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Sarah Katherine Lawless is a New York City based indie rock singer!songwriter. She has been writing her own songs since she was able to speak, and would like to think her sound has come quite a long way since. Initially dabbling in the realm of singer!songwriter style ballads, she settled into the indie?alt!rock genre after teaching herself the guitar. She received a BFA from Boston Conservatory at Berklee college of music, and found herself a part of the Boston indie house show scene during her time there. After moving to New York, she has continued to perform at local hot spots such as Rockwood Music Hall, the bowery ballroom, and SoFar Sounds NYC along with features on playlists for Fashionably early  and grrrl music.


Her creative process can only be described as organic: she writes music as a necessary way to make sense of herself and the world around her, allowing inspiration to come from all directions. Honing her craft as a photographer and designer has amplified her ability to weave rich auditory tapestries and connect and collaborate with other artists, something she highly values. Once compared to a female Jeff Buckley, Sarah Katherine cites influences such as Julia Jacklin, Rufus Wainwright, Madison Cunningham, Queen, and Radiohead. Her aim is always to reach for the unexpected, from unusual chord progressions to experimental theater pieces and everything in between. In doing so, she hopes to create a body of work that is both cathartic and incendiary. 

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